Sunday, September 14, 2014


After releasing A Day In The Life, the crew was frothing for a follow up to INERTIA. So... I shot some of my own footage and bought a few classics from Jorge Visser. Jorge had just spent a few months traveling and shooting in Europe. Much to my surprise and psyche he had shot Iker Pou on Wolfgang Gullich's Action Direct, the first 5.14d in the world. Wolfgang was way ahead of his time in both training, climbing, and bolting rigs. He was a hero to many and I had his poster on my wall for years. I jumped at the chance to score some Action Direct send footage. Jorge had shot multiple angles so I was able to edit in a away that presented the route in all its glory. One of my personal highlights was shooting, a true modern day hero, Randy Leavitt on his FA of the Book of Hate, 5.13d just outside Yosemite Valley. The kick boxing footage is a highlight reel from Craig Buchanan, a California climber and Mou Thai champion. I like breaking up the monotony of back to back climbing sections with non-climbing footage. I'm not sure this tactic worked as well as in INERTIA 1 but who doesn't like seeing some sweet knock outs!

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