Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Prior to my recent full blown medical epic involving a ruptured Esophagus (10 days in the Hospital) and 3 weeks of bed rest (check my Facebook for a full run down) Emily Dudley and I spent our New Year vacation in Vegas.  Emily crushed rigs while I was on recon/vacation mode.
We hooked up with our friends Paul Robinson, Alex Kahn, Natasha Barnes, Max Z, and crew for a lil Biznass, drinks, gambling, and good times...
I Killed It in Roulette of all things, Em and I hit the day spa, and chilled at The Rio for 7 Nights.  It was a well deserved climbing vacation.

I've spent many seasons sport climbing in Vegas but this was my first trip dedicated to Bouldering and I was blown away by the quality, quantity, and diversity of the stone... Pretty F'ing psyched to get back soon.  My homie, Tom Moulin, who wrote THE Guidebook has been sending me videos of his new rigs and I can't wait for next season when I'm back healthy and ready to fire.

I am still in recovery mode from my surgery and will be for at least 3 more months, I've decided to pilfer my video vault for unreleased footage, so please stay tuned for more videos like this one!

A fun flash of a classic Red Rock's Line.
Mr Moran_V7 in Gateway Canyon 5 minutes from the Kraft Boulders.

and for those of you who missed it a compilation of Emily's sends: