Saturday, February 25, 2012


My DAWGS, Paul "PRob" Robinson and Daniel "DWoods" Woods, have been filming and editing diligently over the past 12 months on their personal project WELCOME TO THE HOOD.  Having seen a few excerpts from the film I am super psyched for the release and looking forward to a no bullshit bouldering video... It has been awhile.  I am also psyched to see these athletes taking media into their own hands so we can all see a perspective that is unique to only climbers of their level.
Adding the psyche, they were able to score Pretty Lights to produce the soundtrack!
Featuring notable ascents of Paul establishing V14 and Daniel's insane flash and subsequent downgrade of Entlinge V14/15, WELCOME TO THE HOOD is a bouldering flick worth paying for... PSYCHED!!!
In partnership with the NCCC, I have secured exclusive rights for a Fort Collins Premiere and DVD Copies will be available for sale at the premiere.  DWOODS has agreed host and as soon as a venue is secure we will announce the date and time!  
The scheduled release date of the film itself is April 2nd.

Welcome to the Hood Official Trailer ( from Paul Robinson on Vimeo.