Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Ascents in THE POUDRE! (Updated 06/01)

Lately I've been stressing about finding more first ascents and new lines of King Tut caliber.  Ben Scott assured me this one line was "just the tip of the iceberg."  I was hesitant to believe. Then Dave Graham called and toured me around a perfect granite talus field 20 minutes from downtown Estes Park with virtually no hike... Endo Valley. This was 2 months ago. Since then I've started to believe Ben more and more especially after he called and spoke of a new discovery he had made in the Poudre - 40 minutes from Fort Collins.  My hope was fully renewed for new stone and quality lines when we came around the ridge of a 30 minute hike and saw this....  The Skyline Boulders!
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The Immaculate Ghost Train Boulder
A love note from Durno... he never made it.
Ben cleaning the super tall and unrepeated Crunchy Grooves_V7
Emily Dudley firing Prometheus Dabbing_V4

The Rapture_V4 : A beautiful bulging high ball roof established the day of THE Rapture.
Why are we still here???      uh oh
First Ascents in The Poudre! Skyline Boulders from Paul Dusatko on Vimeo.

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