Saturday, November 27, 2010

VIDEO: Arthur's Rock Guide and Triton_V12 F.A.

Update 1.  Ben Scott and Pat Goodman in association with The NC3 have released a free download guide to Arthur's Rock in Lory State Park.  Arthur's handful of classics including the new Triton V12, Vice_V10, Four Dollar Arete_V10, Ode To Failure Direct_V9, Godzilla_V8, ChildBirth_V8 (HB), Ode To Failure_V8, Mole People_V6, VooDoo Lady_V6, Main Street_V5, and Last Resort_V5 plus its close proximity to Fort Collins (30 minutes) make for a worthwhile bouldering destination.
The guide book is available here along with an updated Poudre download:

Many thanks to Ben Scott for his work as a climber, developer, steward, and guide book author. His efforts are the foundation for a healthy Fort Collins climbing community!

Update 2.  Brian Camp has established the newest line at Arthur's with a low left link into the top of Last Resort calling it Triton, V12.  Originally dubbed The Undercling Project, BC put in 8 days of effort over the past two seasons to establish one of the hardest lines at Arthur's.
Footage shot by Arthur's main hater - Durno!
Check out his always entertaining blog ClimbHighCO:

Jaime Emerson quickly repeated Triton during his first session on the rig and agreed consensus will solidify it's V12 difficulty.

Triton FA from Climb High CO on Vimeo.

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